Jan 10, 2012

Resolutions 2011 - A Personal Audit

For 2011, I put my resolutions in writing and for some time stuck it on the fridge in hopes that if I see it every day, I'll fare better with following through with it. Well, I am proud to say that it worked---a little. haha

Here's the list that I made for 2011.

1. Photography & Photoshop
         What I had planned on doing this year was learn more about photography. I wanted to attend photography classes and take formal lessons but when I realized how expensive they were, I told myself I could just watch video tutorials on Youtube. I managed to watch a couple of videos but no sooner did I realize that I have no patience for any of it. It just wasn't in my nature anymore to sit through a lecture. Then I thought of joining a photographers club because I heard it's the best way to learn but I wasn't yet willing to drive 30 minutes to get to the meeting place so I had to give up on that idea too. So I had no other choice, really, but to try to explore my camera. I realized that you learn on your own too, albeit very little.  Last year, I discovered a love for portraits and child photography! I've been lucky to have had great opportunities to take pictures of adorable little kids. I wish I had more time to spend with them though but, work gets in the way! haha.. here's a few of my favorite photos of 2011:

This is Joshua.. my filipino friend's stepson.. He has the most amazing pair of eyes I've seen!

Callie.. my co-worker's daughter..photo taken at a wedding.

Dominic at 6 months.. photo taken during a party..I placed a white throw  on a couch that was directly by the window. I love working with natural light.
Dominic.. i like how Cookie Monster's color complemented the tone of this picture. :)

Mischa and Dominic.. a friend on facebook commented.. "already the male is doing something to upset the female".. LOL

See what I mean about Joshua's eyes?...

Aiden... my suki (regualar customer)... His grandmother was my co-worker and every summer she asks me to take a photo of him..I happily oblige of course. 

Aiden's cousin, Matthew.. 

I swear he looks like a young Chris O'Donnell..

Spanky and Alfalfa.. don't you think?

2. Blog
       I've always envied people who keep blogs. I have regrets and self-loathing about why I'm never diligent in keeping one. I think I have 3 or 4 blogs created in the past and now I don't even know what the account names are. They were created out of envy and were soon forgotten as soon as I got busy with something else. However, this blog was created out of dire need to document so I'm hoping this will be the last one. I have set a personal goal of one blog entry per week (my friend's idea, since she knew me well enough to think that I needed to have something I have to adhere to).
yes, my buck teeth really do look silly it makes me laugh when I look at myself in the mirror sometimes .. lol

3. French & Spanish
      I have always been interested in foreign languages. I think it started when I was in elementary when we studied about a priest who was so accomplished. When he was 30 years old, he had already taught himself 5 different languages, including Latin! Since then I swore to myself that by the time I am 30, I would have learned to speak at least one foreign language. In college, I took Spanish classes but boy, was the teacher ever so terrible! I learned nothing. Zip, zero, nada. So, I bought workbooks and self-studied. I think I know basic Spanish now. And by 'think', I mean delusional thinking. haha. When I arrived in Canada though, I realized that what I should have been learning was French and not Spanish. Everything from groceries to public signs to movies has translation and versions in French. I thought I should take advantage of this and study French. But of course, what with being lazy and all, I managed not to learn any French except to count from 1-20 and say "Comment se vas?". I'll do better in 2012.

Look, I even borrowed a textbook from the library.. I read the first 3 pages and then it sat on the desk for a month. Untouched. lol.
4. Learn a new musical instrument
       I intended to learn how to play the piano and just as I was unwilling to spend money on photography lessons, I was no less willing to pay a piano teacher for lessons that would take forever! I learned to play the guitar on my own, I'm pretty sure I'll learn to play the piano on my own too..easy peasy---NOT!! It is 100 times more difficult--for me, that is. It takes patience, one thing I do not have, and a lot of time and effort. I won't give up that easy though so just to keep me going, I learned to play one piano piece. I chose Canon in C because it reminds me of this tearjerker scene from the korean movie, My Sassy Girl. In 2012 I promise to learn to read notes and memorize chords!

5. Geography
         By geography, I do not mean travel. I mean actual learning more about countries and cities and its people. I have always been interested in geography. Several years ago, I memorized all the countries of the world and their capitals and I knew them by heart. Last year, I wanted to kick my geeky side up a notch so I planned to know all the flags of the world. I was not successful. LOL. I was too busy lazing around. haha. I have made efforts to start though.
These are small fridge magnets made out of clay and baked in the oven. I started with countries where I have lived --Philippines, UAE and Canada. Notice my mad skillz in scuplting, especially the maple leaf on the Canadian flag? haha

I have an app on iphone called 'World Facts' and whenever I have time I try to read about different countries. Amazing app, it's got everything you need to know and I mean everything including what percentage of the population is affected by HIV..haha
Another favorite app is a flash card quiz on countries and their flags and capitals.
6. Sketch
             Okay, I just realized that apart from realizing that I don't really have a talent in sketching, I apparently lack the interest for such as well. I might finish the 30-day Drawing Challenge though.
In 2011, I started a '30-day Drawing Challenge'. Naturally, I did not finish it. I stopped at day 3. haha. Note to self, continue challenge in 2012.
I even bought a journal, but again, I stopped at day 3. I am terrible.

9. Write a song.
           Bygad, I don't even know what 'writing a song' is doing on this list.. hahahaha! Seriously, I have a bad case of delusions of grandeur. Trina, Trina, Trina.. you can't even carry a tune to save your life. Write a song, my arse. LOL.

10. Drive.
           One of my biggest accomplishments in 2011 is getting my driver's license! I can't even begin to tell you how I felt that day but I'm sure you know what I mean. I am now enjoying the liberty of coming and going anywhere, anytime without worrying about bus schedules and ridiculous taxi fares. Not to mention, singing to my heart's content when driving alone!