Apr 18, 2012

1st DIY Project: : Distressing Wood

If there's one thing I love, it's the look and feel of old, antiqued furniture. I wouldn't want my entire house (as if I have my own. lol) to have nothing but antiques though, but just a few great pieces here and there would be perfect! However, as rare as they are to come by, they are ridiculously high-priced as well!

I've been going to this unique shop that sells vintage furniture and honestly some of the stuff they sell look like they were only forged to look antique and they price them at $300! For a teeny-weeny side table! No way I'm going to pay that amount of money for a hand-distressed furniture! I realized then that what I CAN afford to do right now is to go to a thrift shop, get a wooden furniture for, say, $20 and repaint and antique it myself. Sounds like a plan. :)

I found this mirrored wall decor for $2.99 (notice that I chose a smaller piece to work on. I guess I wasn't as brave as I sounded. haha). I will save the bigger furnitures for when I'm already a pro.

This is what I did with it.

First, I sandpapered the entire surface. That's supposed to make the paint set well since I won't be using a primer (I don't know, okay, I just don't want to. LOL).

I chose the color turquoise because I'm hanging this mirror on my bedroom wall. The theme there is white and turquoise. I got the spray paint set at Michaels. They carry tons of Martha Stewart products!
This is after I painted it. Love the color! I only applied two coats of paint so that the paint looks "faded" in some areas.

Next thing I did was sandpaper the edges to give it that aged, distressed look. I'm tempted to sandpaper inside the egdes but I don't think I'm ready for that yet. I'll just go for the subtle vintage effect for now.

I added a tiny yellow vase, snipped a flower from my bathroom vase and voila! It is now pretty enough to be part of my bedroom. :)

Next time it will be a real furniture I'll work on. Can't wait for summer!

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