Aug 20, 2012

What's a Birthday Girl To Do

While most people look forward to their birthdays, I actually dread the month of my birthday. First of all, I can't handle birthday greetings and I have only my Catholic school education to blame for it. You see, my birthday falls on The Assumption Day, a holiday for all Catholic schools so I was never exposed to the first and basic form of public humiliation, being called in front of the class so they can sing you the birthday song while secretly laughing and making fun of how awkward you look standing there. So if you happen to greet me face to face, please pardon my fidgetty hands, lack of eye contact, and idiotic verbal replies for I have had no training and experience. hehe

When I finished school, I did everything I can so that I will never have to work on my birthday. Needless to say, I was never at school nor at work on any of my 28 birthdays! This year was no exception, with special thanks to my manager and our scheduler for giving me the day off.

The boyfriend and our roommate were both working that day, so I had the entire day to myself. About a week before my birthday, I started planning out my activities.

So here's how I spent it...

Activity #1. Riding lessons. 

Eeep!! So exciting! For the first time this year, I woke up before noon for something non-work related. haha. Anyway, it is my personal goal to learn something new each year.

I had to make do with what was already in my closet and this was the closest to a cowgirl as I could get. LOL

Meet Billie! He was such a good horse during the 1-hr ride!

Overall, it was a great experience! We started by learning how to brush and groom a horse. It was harder (and messier) than I thought it would be. I had dust and hair all over my shirt and arms and jeans, and i had to pick horse poop off their horseshoes. haha. I also learned to trot after almost falling off the horse when I failed to remember that I was in a riding class. There I was slouched on the saddle, the reigns resting on my lap, a lazy smile on my face and eyes half closed enjoying the summer sun and then BOOM! the horse TROTS on the instructor's cue. I swear I probably had 50 mini heart attacks then. hihi

Activity #2. Dropped by at church to pray and give thanks!

Activitiy #3. Picnic at my favorite  park!

The pictures will tell you why it's my favorite spot in all of the city!

Activity #4. Spa treat!

A deep muscle massage is imperative, of course!

And last but not the least, to make it a perfect birthday... dinner date with Lauro! Forgot to take pictures though. I was too hungry to take pictures but it was at Talay Thai, one of our favorite restaurants in the city.

Happy 28, me!

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