Dec 10, 2011

25 random things

Feb 21, '09 12:20 AM

i was tagged on my facebook account.. 25 random things about you..had fun reading other's lists so i made one too..gawa rin kayo, para makibasa ako..hehe

1. i look younger than my age and I act younger than i look..parang grade 5 lang..haha

2. i love arcades!..and basketball machines. My best in Sharpshooter is 155 in 45 secs..and I won in a mall competition once. ;)

3. i used to like basketball so much back in elementary--but only because i was obsessed with Vergel Meneses and Vince Hizon, i think. haha! (thanks for reminding me, drey!) I used to memorize all line-ups of PBA teams, watch draftings so I can update my list, collect NBA cards (of only the pogi players.), etc..that's not the case now..mostly, i get bored (sometimes annoyed! dugay mahuman..) by Lauro and his friends' NBA talks.

4. i don't like sleeping. i never take naps. Average daily hours of sleep i get is 4-5 since i started working. you can't imagine how my weekends are..hehe..i believe i have insomnia and i love it. all the good stuff comes out at night.hehe

5. i am envious when left-handed people write so when i was a kid, i practiced writing with my left hand. i can write well with both hands now.

6. i choose gadgets over everything else..over clothes, accessories, etc.. i like shopping but it doesn't give me a high. computers and cameras and ipods do.hehe

7. i get very lazy when i'm at home. i'd resist the urge to use the toilet and i'd deal with the thirst or hunger for as long as i can..i am THAT lazy.

8. i have this little obsession with geography. i can name all the countries of the world and the 50 states of america including each of their capitals. i swear this is the only geek part in me..hehe

9. i am artistic by heart. i love art, music, photography, film-making,etc..i have enough passion for them that could have made me a professional by now. the only thing i need and lacked are talents and skills..the same goes for my love for sports..hahaha

10. i am very competitive--especially with boys (grew up with 2 brothers, that's why). I can't play a sport without scores nor play cards without bets..and i have to win..haha and i hate it when i'm playing against them and it's obvious ginapagbgyan lang ako coz i'm a girl..grr..hate it! kamo nlng dula! bleh!

11. i can live off fastfood for the rest of my life. and i'm a junk eater..i just switch from potato chips to chocolates to candies all day.

12. i can't eat and not talk...and i linger at dinner tables looong after i finish..and i eat painfully slow, too..i need at least 2 hours all in all..(joyce, shai..5 hours sgro pag with McDo..haha)

13. i am tone-deaf but i sing all the time anyway. i think people hate that part of me..i mess up the songs in their heads.

14. i have a small old book that i've had with me for 18 years now. i still read it regularly. The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino...has been my mantra for almost 2 decades now..;)

15. i like climbing. when i was around 10, i climbed the rooftop of a 2-storey house through a tall tree beside it. when i realized what i had just done, i cried until my kuya came to get me. haha

16. i'd give up my bachelor's degree (and high school too) if i could play a sport professionally. or be in a band..watcha think joyce,shai,een,rai? reunion? hahaha..yuck..kahiya..

17. i love love love guessing games! charades, pictionary, whatever..basta guessing2..even in simple conversations, i usually jump at opportunities to say, "wait, ako lang..starts with what letter? ends with?".. haha annoying sya i know..can't help it..

18. i won't ever outgrow carnivals and cotton candies, McDonald's and skittles, video games and cartoon shows..and tigso! haha

19. my ultimate goal is to become a rich philanthropist with a nice camera in my hand. hehe

20. i run, skip, hop, jump when i move about in the house. i would outside, too, if only people wouldn't stare.

21. Toddlers are my favorite group of people! oh and psyche patients too..super lingaw kausap..

22. i'm generally optimistic. people misjudge me as "walang pakialam" because i almost never worry except when people expect (or pressure!) me i tend to fake worrying..haha i do care,though..i just don't linger on a situation long enough for it to fall under "worry"

23. i have a picture of poor little african children in my mind that won't go away. as in, permanent sya. it's weird but everyday it just pops out of nowhere. maka depress for a while but then i think of it as a reminder of how lucky i am and blessed to have the means to help them. i'm going to africa this year! or the next.. hopefully..

24. i am always late..always..the worse that i got for always being late was to fail a class just because of accumulated number of tardiness..3 tardiness = 1 absence..i got 13 that's a whole semester of coming to class late..tagam, nabagsak..haha

25. my greatest childhood influence was i think my 2 brothers..which is why i like having boys for company. my brothers looove sibling competition which was fun for us because they weren't about parents' attention or school performance.that's how i got competitive with boys, i think. kuya was my early musical influence so my taste in music isn't very girly. he was good with the guitar too so in high school i taught myself to play it just to have one more thing to compete with him.haha my little brother got way better than us though. he's a budding Santana! (i miss them..huhu..i love them to death..eew!)

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