Dec 10, 2011


Feb 3, '09 6:21 AM

I was reading the newspaper today and I saw this picture of a Palestinian child caught in one of the attacks in Gaza. For how many weeks now, I see from pictures dead bodies sprawled across the street, wounded women and children being carried around, and families trapped and killed in the rubbles of their very homes.

..but this seemingly simple, unthought of picture of a child was the only one that made me stop for a moment and pray...sakit sa heart! Just by looking at the child's tormented eyes and his silent but reminiscent scream, I had a glimpse of of the anguish and agony and suffering of all the Palestinian victims of war.. only through his eyes..

..and I wish I could do something about this now.. I want to stop being one of those who keep complaining about what's happening to our world but doesn't do anything to better it even a little. When I complain about our terrible government, I stop myself because I've never voted I feel like I don't have the right to complain, dba? haha I hope this picture, along with so many others, reach and touch those people who actually have the power and means to put an end to their suffering and hopefully, to finally change the world. I hope they also realize how very privileged they are of having such power.

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