Dec 10, 2011

Lucky 7!

Apr 27, '09 2:03 PM

I don't really blog about Lauro and me..but I will make an exception this time because we're celebrating our 7th year together. I realized that there's so much about us that it's quite hard to organize all of I just made lists instead of paragraphs..hehe

1. He has an enormous amount of patience! I don't think he'll ever be seriously angry with me. At all. I can get away with anything. Good thing I've learned not to abuse it. (tama Lau?hehe)
2. He cries easily. And I'm his tearjerker. haha. I like it when he cries so I tell him 'makahilak' stories like me having a terminal illness and all..haha..He cries over anything..even Wowowee contestants, fast cars racing, sappy movies, etc.. He gets teary eyed saying grace on anniversary dinners. He even cried over the 'transforming' of the Transformers..kay gwapo daw kaayo.haha He cries when he's overwhelmed. He tries to hide it. Sometimes when a tear is actually rolling na, he still denies it, wears a pa-macho2 poker face and pretends I'm imagining it.hahaha
3. He's really, really funny. He makes me laugh all the time! It was the first thing I liked about him.
4. He's very very sweet..He's not the creative-romantic type and all, but he has his ways. He HATES writing but he writes me looooong love letters because he knows i love them. He always thinks that way. He never says no to me. Seems impossible, I know, but he never does. Even when he knows it's binuang na. He'll wear french tips or pink nail polish to class if I ask him to. Which I did. haha. He also can't stand it when I'm mad or nagatampo at him. so he's usually the first to say sorry even when he knows it's my fault..(this, i abuse..haha)
5. He's nice to everybody, not just to me. So I know he's a really good person. But I like that he's especially nice to my family and my friends. He extends his love to the people I love. It's really sweet.
6. He's the type of friend/person whom you can ask favor from without you having to think 'ok lang kaya? dili ulaw?'. I'm telling you whatever it is, he's ok with it. No side comments, no complains. That's his nature. So imagine what it's like to be his girlfriend.hahaha
7. I love that he loves his family so much. I don't know a lot of guys who adore their dads, are super sweet to their moms and be on-call slaves by their sisters. haha Trust me, you'll like that kind of boyfriend.

1. he has to ask a question more than he can't believe your answer the first time he hears it. even if it's super believable naman..
2. he shakes his legs too often.
3. i don't know why, but during moments when he needs to be quick and alert like trying to catch a cab, or agawan sa bus, he is painfully slow!
4. he's too obsessed with cars..enough said on that.
5. when there's a cool video on youtube, he has to watch all the other related videos..for example, those funny lipsync videos, he has to watch all the videos of the singer..makasuka na..
6.he eats too fast. we both love eating but i eat slow. so he usually gets to eat more. wala nay mabilin. and yes, we fight over food a lot.haha
7. i actually just ran out of things i don't like about him. so there, i hate that he's too nice that i always look like the 'bad guy'. no, i'm not, ok?! ma, kuya, friends, everyone! i'm nice, he's just tooooo nice, ok? hehe

1. we like to eat. that's what we always do.
2. arcades! It's the first thing we look for in a mall. We miss the ones in Davao, tag singko lang.hehe We used to spend our entire Saturday afternoons at the arcades there. When we're with other people though, we fight the urge. We don't want them to feel they're chaperoning 2 little children.
3. on a couch in front of the television. Munching on something.
4. playing something..sports, computer games, card games, etc..anything that can tell who's better than who..haha
5. bars! we love the night life! we like to boogie! eww..not boogie oi, chika2 with friends..
6. internet...we're connected 24/7..downloading something..cheaters..haha
7. in our fantasyland..we always daydream. We have a perfect little world in our minds where we're doing what we love.. he's a racecar driver/autoshop owner and i'm a freelance artist/philanthropist. We have enough money to go see the world and we're with our families. We put additional details to that perfect life every now and's our favorite hang-out.

(WARNING: some items on this list may wipe out any respect you have for us..i'm putting our dignity here in danger of annihilation. char! haha..but just for the sake of telling the truth, here goes..)
1. sometimes, when we get too bored, we pick our noses and chase each other with the booger. (see, i told you)
2. we're masters of the art of catching a fart with your hand and releasing the deadly fume very close to the nostrils of the unsuspecting victim. (we're each other's victims ha..we're not that bastos din to damay other people..hehe)
3. we spit on each other's faces--for fun, that is.During 'pasuyaay', when the other is on our faces, is winning and gets too annoying already, we spit on his/her face to stop his/her jubilation. Self-control is a must here, though. We're only allowed small droplets of saliva per spit. Parang mist lang dapat..haha
4. we hit each other constantly during conversations..suntok, batok, hapak, sipa, etc.and we fight like cats and dogs whether alone or with other people. Our friends get tired of watching/hearing us so we try to keep it down.
5. We like to embarass each other in front of other people.
6. Although we look like we hate each other, we very rarely have serious fights. We have 'tampo2' lang and usually we just talk until everything seems funny already. The offender is instantly forgiven if he can force the other to smile. That's our rule. He's lucky he has a funny face (and I can't keep a straight face).haha
7. We don't have long fights or tampuhan anymore. They don't last more than 15 minutes because we find it pointless when we know magbati lang din after. We just know it won't get worse than a simple argument so it's all really superficial to us. Plus, in the middle of those arguments or silent treatments more interesting things come up like 'san tayo eat after?' or 'hui may good news ako' na ang pinag-awayan by the mention of food..

1. we both wish we were taller. We're miniatures..huhu
2. british accents!
3. we like to travel..but our love for it is inversely proportional to the money we have to actually get somewhere..haha
4. someday, somehow, we'll be really really good in playing the drums..
5. we love sports. We've been trying to discover where we're actually good at so we try different kinds every now and then.We're always frustrated because we're never good enough to join tournaments and all.. ambitious! hehe
6. we both feel like we've been robbed of our 'gimik2' stage in life..what with working abroad this soon and all..we really miss Saturday nights in Davao..not that we're party animals..we don't really go to disco clubs..but nights spent at Torres, MTS, coffee shops, last full shows, or just at friends' houses are just so perfect! *omaygad, i'm teary-eyed*
7. we miss our families so bad.. =( we spend a good amount of time daily just missing them. This is our worst frustration..and that leads us to our greatest dream which is to someday live with them in the same house again.


1. we love our families more than anything in the world. They always come first. I believe that is the reason why we are very happy and blessed today.
2. For us, no good thing is worth anything unless we share it.
3. Normally, we talk to each other in a harsh way..Pinasingka and barahanay. But during a fight, no matter how angry we are, we never ever say bad words or shout at each other. We're not allowed to raise our voice even a little. (So if you see us shouting at each other and calling each other names and we look angry, we're just playing. Honest.)
4. i'm a girl who's very informal, immature and have no poise at all... It's such a great thing that I'm with someone much worse than that. whew!
5. we're both very spiritual..and conscientious..(char) so I like that we're good influences on each other..although in food indulgence and sleep patterns, i'm not so sure..hehe
6. He can be a girl friend to me and I can be his guy friend whenever we need each other to be. I like cars and game consoles now.. and he knows his way around patent pumps and skinny jeans and he knows how ugly gladiators are. haha..So he made me a little boyish, and I made him more effeminate than he already is..haha
7. It's amazing that after 7 years, everything is still light and breezy. We're actually growing up together. It's like having your bestfriend with you on a road trip to a place where all your dreams come true. Exciting! It sounds corny but it just feels exactly like that. (and there's no other way to put it, okay?)

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