Dec 10, 2011

cant wait.

March 26, 2011

Five days from now, I will be moving to a new apartment. As of the moment, I am sharing my apartment with 2 others. Not that I am complaining because I have had worse living conditions when I was in Dubai (but that requires a whole other blog so I am not discussing it here—yes, it is that interesting).

Anyway, I am looking forward to this move mainly because finally *drum roll* I WILL HAVE MY VERY OWN BATHROOM! Excuse my being mababaw but you must understand that growing up, I had to share a bathroom with my two brothers and by brothers I mean your regular don’t-know-what-a-toilet-seat-is-for-and-toilet-is-too-small-a-target-so-don’t-blame-me kind of brothers—but worse. The floor was always wet and God forbid if I left my towel in there. But! That’s all in the past now. Because I will have my very own bathroom. Yehesss.

I’m feeling very good about having this new place. It almost feels like I’m starting all over again. I’ll be setting up a new room and I got some new furniture coming in. Somehow, I feel inspired to use this new environment so that I personally can make a fresh start as well. Maybe I could work on those projects and tumblr challenges that I planned to do since January. Or maybe I can start miniaturing as a hobby now that I have room for a work station. On my next blog, I should probably start itemizing what I plan to do when I’ve completely moved in. I’ll do that as soon as I’ve decided which 10 out of 1 thousand things I want are realistic enough for me to actually attempt to do. :) Here’s to a hopeful moving-in week.

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