Dec 10, 2011

Call me a hypocrite but...

Feb 10, '09 1:29 AM

Science is pointless..

I don't hate science, I just think it's pointless. It tells us how things work, how they came to be, how they came up with it, blah blah blah.. so what, right?

ok, ok..i know one nerd out there would overreact to that..but i do think it's pointless. Like in medicine..they find cure, prevention, develop technologies, yadda yadda yadda but for what? so we get well after abusing our bodies? so we can avoid feeling pain? so we can cheat death? pain is there for a reason and we're all gonna die eventually, anyway.

Picture this: if the ENGINEERS and ARCHITECTS had not designed cool cars and palatial houses, would you have thought of getting rich? if the mad SCIENTISTS hadn't invented bombs and other weapons of destruction, would war likely to happen? if DOCTORS weren't all genie-make-me-well nowadays, would we still take our health for granted? and wouldn't it be much easier if we were just to accept illness as God's will and just let things fall where they may? That's much more peaceful and meaningful than trying so hard to manipulate things which only God has complete control over.

The root problem, I think, is that we think too much..and when we think, all these amazing science breakthroughs come up because we're intelligent..but also ambitious, obsessive and i hate that we're intelligent..i want to be naive and ignorant..i wish i didn't know of computers and cellphones and cars and medical solutions and tv and the internet and airplanes..especially airplanes! (that's the reason i'm missing a lot of people)..

*sigh*...i have got to stop watching Grey's Anatomy.

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