Dec 29, 2011

Christmas is magic.

I miss being home at Christmas. How I wish I could travel back in time when every Christmas was spent with my entire family. I miss mama's desserts. I miss helping daddy sweeten the ham and pretending I was a doctor while I use a syringe to inject it with beer and honey. I miss the taste of lola's hot chocolate or sikwati as she would call it. I miss seeing lolo enter the room with an armload of presents for me and my brothers. I miss the enraged feeling I get whenever I catch one of my brothers secretly pocketing coins that my mom throws on corners for good luck, a responsibility that I take very very seriously. I love eating fruitcake even though I don't really like fruitcake. I love the old familiar carols and the colorful parols. I loved the sameness of every christmas. There is comfort in ritual, isn't there?

But however bittersweet the memories of past christmases are, christmas is christmas. There is something about it that gives me a happy, giddy feeling whenever it's drawing near. However far I am from family, whatever situation I am in, I will always get excited for Christmas. I thank God that each year there is always something to be thankful for. And this year, I thank God for the gift of friends.

Here's how we spent our christmas eve!

I made spaghetti, marinated the ribs and prepared caramel cream cheese dip for the apples. Itine baked tiramisu and one of our friends sent over some chicken adobo and pastel (rice topping wrapped in taro leaves).

We discovered the Fireplace Channel on t.v. which I thought was brilliant. And we've discovered, too, that Lauro almost sings like Jovit. lol

The obligatory beer pose.

Acting surprised, when in fact we shopped for our presents together and just wrapped them up so we have something to unwrap at christmas eve. haha 

I finally own a pair of platform shoes!

i love his shoes!! i wish they had this in women's sizes..

opening of gifts..

and of course.. pictorials...

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