Dec 10, 2011

I surrender

Apr 24, '09 3:04 AM

Dear God,

For the things that have to happen, thank You for being merciful. Thank You for choosing the perfect time, the perfect day, the perfect moment. Your reasons are beyond me, Lord..and I may sometimes fail to understand..but my trust in You will always be my strength..and Your love for me will pacify my heart.

***My uncle had a stroke in the morning of Maundy Thursday. It was a massive stroke and he had to be transferred from hospital to hospital. He instantly fell into a coma and passed away after 3 days. It was the first death in our family. He had no family of his own so he lived with my family and my grandparents. I am just so thankful that it happened during Holy Week. The only time that my other relatives come home is during Lent and Christmas season. Had it happened any other day of the year, I don't know how my family would have handled it.


It broke my heart that I could not go home. I was his favorite pamangkin. I was his only girl. But I know he understands..and I know this is what he wants me to do.

I wrote a Eulogy for him which I asked kuya to read on my behalf.


My lolo once told me, ''People will not remember you for what you did, or what you gave or for what you said. They will remember you for what you have made them feel.'' My lolo is right. Because today, as we say goodbye to Tito Richie, we know that he will be remembered forever. For in his own ways, he has made us all feel special to him.

Tito Richie was a simple man who lived a simple life. He did not do great things. But the things he did were noble and I can honestly say that my Tito Richie is a good person with a great heart. His greatest example is showing me how to love and care for a parent. The way he took care of Lola was something only Tito Richie could have done. He had the greatest love for Lola and he showed it everyday. He made me feel how much of a privilege it is for children to be able to care for a parent. And I will forever remember Tito for that.

Tito Richie did not have much to give. But whatever he had, he gladly shared it all to us. He was always so selfless… always willing to give. And that makes me feel very special to him. He always made us feel that way… like we were the sons and daughter that he never had. And again, I'll forever remember Tito for that.

Tito Chie, did not have much to say about things. He doesn't really talk much. But he's very sincere when he does. I could not remember a time when he got into a fight with my daddy or my other Titos and Titas. He showed deep respect for his older siblings. During arguments or family issues, he never takes sides. He'll just stay around to listen. He always made us feel that no matter how wrong or right we are, we will always have him.

I know Tito has made everyone else here feel that way too. The memory of a feeling does not go away. And for that, he will never be forgotten. The memory of Tito will always make us feel good about ourselves… it will always make us smile.

I will miss you Tito Richie..Thank you for being there for us. Thank you for teaching me great things. When I go home, I know I will look for you and I know I will miss you even more. But I know, too, that even if you're not with us physically, you will be looking after us, just as you always have. Don't worry because Kuya Carlo, Paulo and I will always look after our family. We will make you proud. I will always remember you Tito, and I will keep you with me… because I cannot imagine a life without you. I have no other Tito Richie... I love you.

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