Dec 10, 2011

Kudos to you!

Mar 3, '09 2:20 PM

Today is my parents' 27th anniversary..and it's special occasions like this that remind me how very far away I am from home. Every year, I always do something special for them. This isn't really a major event in most families as it's something parents celebrate privately but still, I try to show them that it means something to me too every year I give them small, casual gifts. Oh my brothers always have something for them too..but not because they actually remember but because I REMEMBER to include their names in the "from" portion of the card. (and just as I predicted, they didn't remember today!)

...but things aren't the same this year..i am here..and my annual "little somethings" won't be too casual to accomplish I told myself that a simple greeting would do just fine.
...i think God thought otherwise. 3 weeks ago, my friend here told me she's going home for a few days and she can accommodate if I want to send some things back home..i bought something for my mom and dad and gave it to her..I haven't thought of it as a gift yet back then.. i woke feeling a bit sad coz it's their anniversary and i haven't got anything..but later this afternoon, my friend sent me a message saying the small parcel's ready for pick up (and I totally forgot about it!). i immediately phoned my dad to ask him to get the "anniversary gift" I have for them. He said he's on his way home to get ready for their date but the place is on the way.

So's like God conspired everything so that I won't have to miss a lot of things this year. It's not coincidental at all. From the very start, I think that that small package for my mom and dad was meant to be received today, at the most perfect time. I give God back all the glory. He knows this means the whole world to me. Knowing I make them smile is what keeps me going through all this "being away from home" drama. Happy Anniversary daddy and mama! I miss you a lot..I love you! and kudos to you for staying together through everything..

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