Dec 10, 2011

20 Pet Peeves

Jan 15, '09 3:51 PM

I can't stand...

1. being asked the same question twice..well,ok..thrice! Imagine:
Q: kumain ka na?
Me: tapos na..
Q: sure?
Me: yup, sure..
Q: sigurado ka ha?
Me: (long, deep breath.. then smile)..yes, TAPOS na talga...
this is really the worst for in..for such a mundane question, does it really have to be this stressful a conversation? dba...haha

2. boys shaking their legs when sitting down. Not only does it cause little tremors that make you feel like you're in a pumpboat but it is also such an EYE SORE, LAURO! stop it already! grrrr...

3. People who fail to take into account their backpacks when moving about or turning around. Hello...nabanggaan nami saimong bag...

4. when you're OBVIOUSLY trying to cross the street and a jeepney stops right in front of you to ask if sasakay ka...hello again.. If I wanted a ride, I would be looking directly at you and giving you a "para" signal, ok? so uso sa davao..haha

5. when i'm eating and someone reaches OVER my plate or when people try to get things INSIDE or OUTSIDE my plate. Mind your own plato please...

6. people who are mean to animals. I hope there really is an after-life and they'd become pigs with minds of human beings so that everyday they know they're only being fed just to be eaten.. hahaha.. and on Christmas! double haha

7. when you genuinely ask someone what's wrong (because something's obviously wrong) and they respond half-heartedly, "hmmm? wla man..." and that's even after asking him/her 10 times or more... (Lau, what's that snort for?! haha)

8. Guys who don't lift the toilet seat up when they pee. I live with 2 brothers -- the slobby, annoying ones (you know I love you guys). All my nagging and screaming didn't lift that toilet seat up!

9. when I'm eating my Skittles and someone asks if he/she can have a red or a purple one. haha

10. how opening any cheap electronic item these days requires cutting up your finger with impossible to open plastic molding covering.

11. when something I've been into for a long time suddenly becomes popular. Like when they use my favorite classical songs in commercials. Or think Hey There Delilah and FloRida's Low... diba?

12. when everyone in the group including my self refuse to be the decision maker about something so simple like which restaurant to eat at and we'll end up standing by the street for half an hour just discussing who should decide..

13. when you have an itch on the soles of your feet and you can't scratch it because you have shoes on. aaaarrgghhh!!!!

14. people who blow their horns inconsiderately. Like when a car in front of them is obviously having trouble starting its engine and they think that causing so much noise will jump start it. Seriously, do you really think he doesn't know he's in the middle of the street and causing a traffic jam?...

15. athletes who point to the sky after scoring. What is that?!?!?!

16. when a movie has just started and someone asks something you obviously don't know because the movie HAS JUST STARTED..

17. when someone says he's not even tipsy after drinking ten bottles of beer plus 10 shots of tequila or when he acts like crap when he's just had only 2 margaritas. Really now!

18. when people are giving a speech in class and they won't stop looking at you as they speak. It's really uncomfortable, ok?

19. when someone tries to talk to you when you have earphones on. If it's not important nor interesting please let me enjoy my music for awhile..

20. when you're wearing a hat or a tight head band and after a while it feels like it's not there. When you take it off, it feels like it's still there. It's just so confusing and I have to keep rubbing my head to remove the phantom feeling!

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